Talkboxing with a Keyboard

While watching piano tutorials on Youtube, I came across some amazing videos featuring a talkbox. If you’re like me you’re probably not familiar with a talkbox, but it’s basically a tube that you place in your mouth which allows you to “speak the sound”. I know that sounds kind of crazy, but check out the video below to get a better idea of what I’m trying to describe.

How cool is that?

The person playing doesn’t actually speak, but instead just “mouths” the words and the notes being played serve as the actual voice. I ordered one of these and it just arrived yesterday. So far I’m getting it down pretty good, but I’m not quite at the point where I can play along to songs in realtime. I find that the best way to produce a clear and understandable sound is to mimic the word in a very over the top way. When I mimic similar to the way I normally talk the sound comes out somewhat hard to understand.

A talkbox will work on any electric instrument and it was originally popularized by Peter Frampton on the guitar. Check out this video of Frampton’s performing with the talkbox way back in 1975.