User rating
Pros: Built-in Speakers
Wonderful Sound Quality
Affordable Price
Cons: Lacking Third Pedal
Unlabeled Buttons

The time has come to review one of my absolute favorite digital pianos available on the market, the Yamaha P series P 35B 88-key digital piano. This piano has 10 voices including two grand piano sounds with one being in stereo and the other in mono. The other voices consist of two pipe organs two harpsichords, two electric pianos, one strings and one vibraphone. In my personal opinion the grand piano sound is the key selling point for this piano. I often am asked by parents what I’d recommend as a great piano for beginners and my honest opinion is that you’re better off buying a digital piano such as this one and wait on making such a large investment until a later point once your child has really committed to learning to play the piano. Even for more advanced keyboardists I would still recommend this piano due to its outstanding sound bank and realistic keyboard feel. The piano only weighs about 25 pounds, so it’s light and portable especially compared to some of the other pianos that are available on the market. This is great for both people who plan on traveling with the piano or those that want something up they can easily put in a closet or put away when company comes over. I especially found the weight to be a selling point because I could easily pack it away to make room in my crowded dorm when I was in undergrad.

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It is also worth mentioning that this piano comes with built-in speakers which are very discreet to provide an excellent sound quality incomparable to just about any other piano in this price range.

One of our complaints for this keyboard is the lack of ability to expand to a third pedal, but for most budding pianists that won’t be a problem. The only other issue I can see is the lack of labeled buttons on the actual unit. Obviously with a quick look at the instruction manual you can figure out everything you need to know about this keyboard, but it would still be nice to have labeled buttons so that you don’t need a refresher every time you play the instrument. Overall though I highly recommend this piano for beginners, intermediates and advanced pianists and at this price point I feel as like you are getting a lot of value for your dollar. Yamaha is known for their superior keyboards pianos and once again they have pulled through with this wonderful digital piano.

Check out this video below for an example of someone playing the Yamaha P 35B and pay special attention to the wonderful and very realistic sound quality.

For someone who is serious about learning to play the piano this is probably one of the best digital pianos out there right now. Obviously digital pianos cost a little bit more than your traditional keyboard but with that added cost comes the added quality, and in the digital piano world this is one of the cheaper options available yet still packs a lot of punch for this price point. This is a very well built piano that’ll last a beginner for years. This is ultimately one of those instruments it’s really hard to outgrow and very few people will ever reach that skill set as a pianist where they really need anything more than what this Yamaha P series has to offer.