User rating
Pros: Comes in a high quality console
Great sounds
Hammer action
Great value for the price
Cons: Doesn't include a bench
Loud metronome

First of all, I think that is important to note that this piano has been around for quite a while and even though it’s competitors have brought new fancy competition to the market, this remains one of the top selling digital pianos today.

What I like about the Williams Overture

The price – Since this model has been available for a little while the Amazon and other retailers have discounted the price making this one of the best value pianos available. It’s quality and sound is easily comparable to competitors in the $1,000+ price range. This value alone is one of the main reasons I recommend this piano to so many.

The action on this piano is remarkably good and much better than most of it’s competition. I will say though that it isn’t quite the performance ready keyboard, which might be a turn off for some. That is, at least depending on your definition of performance ready. For a classically trained pianist with years of experience you’ll notice the difference, but even for someone like myself who has years of experience, yet only cares to play for pure pleasure, this certainly fits the bill.

One of the most appreciated aspects of this the Williams 88 key is the grand piano sound. Very few pianos can measure up to the sound quality that this thing puts out. It is also important to mention that the Williams works great for pianists who expect to spend a decent amount of time practicing with headphones on. Some of the other pianos at this price point tend to have a lower quality audio output, but this piano sounds great both through headphones and the built-in speaker system. Audio output is usually one of the main areas where you can the difference between a $1,000 piano and something lower costing like the Williams, however there really isn’t anything output-wise that I was able to easily distinguish.

Also worth noting on this piano is the beautiful console. Very few upright style pianos can be purchased at this price point. I love the look of the Williams and in my opinion it looks much nicer to have an upright rather than a keyboard on a wimpy stand sitting in the corner of the room.

This is a great piano for those looking for something on which they or their child can use to for piano lessons. The hammer-action is top-notch meaning that it has a very realistic feeling to it, which accurately mimics that of a traditional piano.

Things not to like

To be honest one of my biggest pet peeves about the Williams 88 key piano is the metronome. It is really loud compared the piano and can overpower your actual playing. It’s kind of funny that the metronomes one job is to help keep you in time, yet it’s volume is so overbearing that it can actually distract you from your playing. The only solution I’ve found for this is to use a separate stand-alone metronome and luckily they are extreme cheap. Otherwise you just have to stick to tapping your foot.

Another downside is that you will need to purchase a bench separately. I guess there has to be some catch at this price point and that’s going to be it. Remember you can easily find a great bench at an affordable price on Amazon.

Once again I think it is worthy note that this isn’t a concert piano and I think that any of the negatives reviews about this product tend to come from those who are looking for a $2,000 + concert piano in a $600 console. With that said this is still an amazing piano. When you factor in the sound quality with the beautiful furniture console you are walking away with a great deal.

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If you are looking for a console style piano rather than a simple keyboard on the stand that won’t break your budget than look no further. No other piano in this price range can really stand up next to Williams Overture. There is a reason that this piano has stood the test of time and is still one of the most popular digital pianos today.

Check out the video review below for a better look at the Williams Overture in action.