Harry Potter Sheet Music

Last week the nerd in me almost had a heart attack when I stumbled upon the coolest song book known to mankind. Wow, I know that’s one heck of a statement, but come on it’s the Harry Potter soundtrack! Best of all is that it is available in an easy piano format (there is an advanced song book as well). I ordered it immediately and received it in the mail two days later. I have to say so far I am extremely impressed with the arrangements. A lot of times I find that easy piano books just sound wimpy and far from realistic, but this isn’t the case with this book.

So far I’ve focused most of my efforts on learning Hedwig’s Theme, which is better known as the main theme song to the movies. It comes across awesome on the piano and really isn’t hard to play at all. I always recommend people to start off learning songs they are familiar with. This helps out a ton because you’re already familiar with the timing and how the song is supposed to sound. If you or someone you know is a Harry Potter fanatic then I’m sure they will know these songs, which make this a great book for beginners.

In total there are thirty-seven songs in the book from all eight movies. Below is a list of all thirty-seven songs:

Diagon Alley
Family Portrait
Harry’s Wondrous World
Hedwig’s Theme
Leaving Hogwarts
Nimbus 2000
The Chamber of Secrets
Fawkes the Phoenix
Buckbeak’s Flight
Double Trouble
Hagrid the Professor
Harry in Winter
Hogwarts March
Potter Waltz
This Is the Night
Dumbledores Army
Loved Ones and Leaving
Professor Umbridge
Dumbledore’s Farewell
Harry and Hermione
In Noctem
When Ginny Kissed Harry
Farewell to Dobby
Godric’s Hollow Graveyard
Harry and Ginny
Ron Leaves
Snape to Malfoy Manor
Courtyard Apocalypse
Harry’s Sacrifice
Lily’s Lullaby
Lily’s Theme
A New Beginning
Severus and Lily

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Overall this is a great tool for both piano teachers and those looking to learn to play on their own. I highly recommend it for any Harry Potter fan!