Where Can You Learn Piano Online For Free?

Below is a list of free online resources to help you get started playing the piano. One of the best things about playing the piano is that you can get up and running pretty quickly and should be learning your first song right away. I recommend learning all the technical aspects of playing, but don’t be afraid to jump in and learn how to play a simple song. I think by introducing the “fun” aspects of playing right away you will be motivated to continue learning your scales and all the elements of music theory.

Zebra Keys is a website that provides over 50 online lessons which include videos. I prefer to hear the song being played by someone else, which is why I find video resources to be extremely helpful.

Berklee College of Music recently starting free online video lessons on numerous instruments and audio record software. Ultimately they want you to sign up for a class with them, but some of the free lessons are really useful.

The Furmanczyk Piano Academy is probably my favorite online resource for playing the piano. The Furmanczyk Piano Academy is a youtube channel run by a piano teacher named Andrew Furmanczyk. Andrew aims to make the piano accessible to anyone who is eager to learn. The channel has hundreds of video lessons and over 200,000 subscribers, so he’s certainly doing something right.

Regardless of which method you use to learn, by taking action and getting start with some form of instruction you are on your way to learning to play the piano. If you know of any other free resources available online, feel free to reach out and I’ll add them to this list. Good luck!