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Casio CTK-2400 Review

The Casio CTK 2400 is a wonderful introductory instrument for those of you looking for your first serious keyboard. Casio has included some really great built-in features, which make this keyword stick out above the rest the price point. One of my favorite features is the ability

Yamaha DGX-650B Review

I started teaching piano way back in my high school years as a means of making extra spending money while doing something that I love to do. Over the years I have encountered a growing number of students who do not have access to a traditional piano

Williams Legato Review

The world of digital pianos tends to be over run with high-priced items making it a large financial commitment for someone new to the piano to go out and buy one for themselves. Today I got to spend a decent amount time getting familiar with the new

Yamaha P105B Review

The Yamaha P105B is perhaps my new favorite digital piano available on the market at the moment. Its main competitor is the Casio PX150, and out of the two of them we have would have to recommend the P105B over the PX150. One of the biggest standout

Williams Overture 88 Key Review

First of all, I think that is important to note that this piano has been around for quite a while and even though it’s competitors have brought new fancy competition to the market, this remains one of the top selling digital pianos today. What I like about

Yamaha P Series P35B Review

The time has come to review one of my absolute favorite digital pianos available on the market, the Yamaha P series P 35B 88-key digital piano. This piano has 10 voices including two grand piano sounds with one being in stereo and the other in mono. The

Williams Allegro 88-Key Review

Today I’m reviewing the Williams Allegro digital piano, which is currently one of the lowest priced keyboards on the market. Overall, I’m fond of this piano, but there are a few negatives worth mentioning. Let’s take a further look… Pros: Price – The cost of this piano

Talkboxing with a Keyboard

While watching piano tutorials on Youtube, I came across some amazing videos featuring a talkbox. If you’re like me you’re probably not familiar with a talkbox, but it’s basically a tube that you place in your mouth which allows you to “speak the sound”. I know that

Harry Potter Sheet Music

Last week the nerd in me almost had a heart attack when I stumbled upon the coolest song book known to mankind. Wow, I know that’s one heck of a statement, but come on it’s the Harry Potter soundtrack! Best of all is that it is available

Where Can You Learn Piano Online For Free?

Below is a list of free online resources to help you get started playing the piano. One of the best things about playing the piano is that you can get up and running pretty quickly and should be learning your first song right away. I recommend learning